Hi I’m Karen Katz!

And I am on a mission
to support spiritual entrepreneurs and influencers, like YOU,
to share your authentic message
with the world!

I can help you IF:

• You are done playing it safe and letting your dreams die inside you
• You are ready to take the big step of “getting out there” and sharing your authentic message
• You want to connect and craft your authentic message
• You want a clear roadmap with step by step guidance
• You want a framework to create engaging and valuable content

You are ready to let your light shine and serve humanity in your own unique way!

Inside you there is a powerful force roaring and ready to be unleashed.
Do you feel it?

Curious to know about my journey?

A rough start, like many of us, seeing and living things no child should, created a deep sense of unworthiness and shame.
A constant threat of severe punishment, witnessing aggression, humiliation and pain confirmed that the world was not a safe place and becoming numb was the way to survive.
So I devised a plan and patiently awaited the perfect moment, foolishly thinking that if I could get away from “this place” it would all be better. Little did I know, all that would come along with me…

Years later, I began to notice a deep sadness was always near. I had graduated from college (top 10% of my Engineering class), gotten married, even had my first child and immigrated to the US (pursuing the American Dream), but I felt something was missing….

On the outside, it all seemed fine – but on the inside I was a mess. I felt guilty for feeling the way I felt. How could I not be happy with so many blessings?
It wasn’t until my early thirties that it happened…
I woke up!
And I felt trapped.
Who was this person staring at me from the mirror?
Why was she so afraid all the time?
Afraid to speak up
Afraid to be seen
Afraid to let her light shine

Little did I know where that quest for answers would lead….
A journey of discovery, or better yet re discovery.
The perfect teachers began to appear…
I couldn’t get enough of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins….
I dived into personal development and opened the flood gates to self expression through an intense journey in Toastmasters, where I connected with my mission: making sure everyone I meet KNOWS you matter, your story is important and only you can share it.

Through the process of Coaching certification and a 24/7 few years of daily dose of the Teachings of Abraham Hicks.. everything began to make sense.
Something had been unlocked and wanted to blast out into the world, so I began coaching fellow travelers..

I couldn’t believe what clients were manifesting… 100K lottery winning. A free and clear townhome on the beach. The sale of a lot that wouldn’t sell for a long time. An annoying boss (owner of the company) leaving his company for another venture. A severance package 2.5 times greater than expected. I was truly shocked. I knew there was something powerful we could ALL tap into. I just had no clue how big and powerful it was until clients began to show me.

With each client I saw a deep desire to reconnect with their true essence, to be who they were meant to be, to shine their light in service of humanity in their own unique way.

I saw their transformation from fearful, in pain, struggling and confused to confident, open to opportunities, saying YES to life, opening to abundance and sharing their bright light with others.
In turn, each day I felt a more powerful calling… to share more, allow more, say YES to life more and embrace more.

I can say now, with certainty, that no matter what we have lived through there is a light within us that DOES NOT GO OFF. It will not die. It just makes it stronger. It makes it more powerful. And nothing feels better than sharing our story with the world.

You know deep down you are here for a reason. You have an important message to share. You and only can share it You are here to serve humanity in your own unique way. You have been in their shoes and you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.
You are ready!

As they were….

Karen has such a genuine desire to see me reach my goals that I feel she goes the extra mile every step of the way. Always patient and supportive, always with an encouraging word and an invaluable insight; I know when I’m working with Karen that I am safe to explore what is really going on inside me and find the possibilities. Then with her guidance I feel free to plan a way forward and I am empowered to go forth with courage and conviction. The results have been felt throughout my life! My business is really taking off and I am living in a world of possibilities rather than confusion. I have even scheduled my first speaking engagement. I most certainly CAN! Period!
~ Frank Waters
Tarot Awakenings
Palm Beach, Fl
~ Revi Goldwasser
Wall Street Personnel
Boca Raton, Florida
Karen Katz has an amazing skill to help people find the true self worth. Her patience, expertise mentoring and coaching helped me on my path to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. Her support and guidance helped me grow into a more confident person and brought out excellence that I did not know I had. Karen teaches, to be true to yourself and let others learn from your unique style and authentic message you want to share. It’s not a race, but one day at a time – believe in yourself and finish the race. Karen helped me on this Journey and I am grateful she was there.
Sheree Thomas
Set for Fitness
Boca Raton, Fl

Want to know more?

Want to know more?
* I believe fiercefully in what Helen Keller calls indomitable spirit within you.
* My favorite teachers and coaches are my 2 teenage boys – since they were babies. Who says teachers don’t come in all shapes and sizes?
* I can’t live without dark chocolate!

Want to see how I can help you?
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