I can help you get out there and share your authentic message with the world confidently!

I’ve made it my mission to support spiritual entrepreneurs and influencers, like YOU,
To craft and share your authentic message
through my “Fired Up” 3 step system
so that you are propelled to create engaging content that fills events

Are you confused about where to start?

Are you holding yourself back from serving humanity in your own unique way?
Do you know you deep down that you are destined for more?

You don’t have to struggle anymore…
I’ve been there and know what it’s like to dim your light, to hold back and suppress what you know deep down is the most important for you – serving humanity in your own unique way.
You’ve been in their shoes and
you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel
You have an important message to share
A message of hope.

And I am here to make sure you do!
My signature system “FIRED UP” will take you step by step from confused on where to start all the way through to delivering your authentic message on stage and on line with confidence, excitement and passion.

Here’s how we will do this together:

Month 1 and 2: It's all about CLARITY

  • Setting the foundation for authentic connection
  • Connecting on a deeper level and allowing your sacred message to emerge
  • Discover your endless source of inspiration
  • Crafting your sacred message into a "standing ovation" speech

Month 3 and 4: Access unlimited CONFIDENCE

  • Owning your speaking style
  • Adding pizzazz to your "standing ovation" speech
  • Breaking through limitations and fears
  • Clearing the way: Mastering your mindset
  • Creating engaging and valuable content that connects

Month 5 and 6: It's ACTION time

  • Practice time in safe environments
  • Learn powerful Speaking Tricks and Hacks
  • Grounding techniques to master nerves
  • Ready for prime time: Develop your 30 day action plan to impact lives


sharing your story with those that need to hear it, serving humanity in your own unique way and
connecting on a level that really matters.

Here’s What you’ll get:

• A weekly individual – 1 hr coaching session.
• Unlimited email support.
• Weekly practice exercises and guides to expand your learning.

{Programs are custom tailored for your individual needs}


Here’s what clients are saying:

“There has been not a single most influential person in my life than Karen. She has taught me how to use the power of my words to share my passion about helping others. Thanks to her patience and expertise on public speaking, she freed me of one of my biggest fear: an audience. By her side, I learned tips and tricks to be calm, poised, and effective when delivering my message to others. I recently spoke in front of a crowd of about 300 people; an opportunity I would have never pictured myself being able to do. She has helped me grow into someone that can express herself with confidence- a powerful tool as a student, entrepreneur, and human. The best part is that she is the most awesome, kind, and empowering woman I know! I cannot thank Karen enough for transforming my fear into one of my most valuable asset. “
~ Johanna Mouyal
Aventura, FL
Karen Katz with I Can Period is the real deal! I recently employed her coaching services to elevate our team. Karen herself, is a public speaking expert, super comfortable to work with and aims to meet individual goals. As a entrepreneur for twenty six years, I can attest to her adding value to our already seasoned team in just one workshop. Karen's hands on approach and ease of public speaking makes it attainable for an owner and or management to reap the rewards of effective communication. I found it advantageous to have the support of her coaching to help us shine our best. Public speaking can be a bit unnerving, yet Karen's enthusiasm for this skill is contagious and inspiring. Never too late to consider an opportunity to grow and overcome challenges. Keeping Karen in my back pocket for my success road ahead.
~ Kim Knapp
SkinApeel Day Spa
Boca Raton, Florida
I was feeling lost, anxious and insecure after a deep anxiety crisis. I knew I had to "rebuild" myself little by little but did not know where to start. It felt like on a roller coaster as I tried to find stable ground. I was fighting with myself to do so but could not find a way. It was difficult for me to see possibilities. As I started working with Karen I began to feel better slowly. The good feeling lasted longer periods and I began to feel more stable- more grounded. I remember the moment things changed. It was during a guided meditation, I was led to a fork on the road and I needed to make a decision. Something awoke within me and everything started to change. I never looked back. I feel reconnected to my essence, my light and love. Sharing it with others fills my being. I feel a strong connection to my intuition, in flow and authentic. Thank you Karen for showing me anything is possible for me!
~ Rebeca Zamora
Gato Negro
Costa Rica

Are you ready to share your authentic message and
serve humanity your own unique way?

Schedule a call with me here to assess your personal starting point.

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