The biggest public speaking fear REVEALED!

There you have it!
The BIGGEST FEAR I hear from people holding them back from sharing their message online-
What if my brain “freezes”?

Ok, so there it is!

Now that it’s out there front and center…

Let’s get to some helpful tips on what we can do if that happens…

1) Take a deep breath and ground yourself – I like to invite people to do it with me. Everywhere I have spoken people have always appreciated the opportunity to take a deep breath and connect to the moment.

Chances are as you relax.. your words will start flowing.

2) Tell a joke or a funny story.
Who doesn’t like humor?

I’ve read about several cases where people have healed diseases through laughter.

Seems to me like any moment is a great opportunity for laughter and improved health!

3) Dance party time! Shake that booty and invite others to join in. Everyone has a great playlist handy, so get the music started and get to shaking, my friend.

I bet this will be one of your favorite stories to share when you are standing on those big stage ready to inspire by the thousands!

What tips do you have for us?

If you’re ready to face your Public Speaking fears and share your message unapologetically, come join us!… (Bold Speakers Creating Impact)

In light,
Coach Karen
Authentic Speaking Coach

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