My hair was the excuse for not showing up this time

My hair was today’s “EXCUSE” for not showing up
So I put it in THE MOST ridiculous way I could find AND SHOWED UP!
( heart palpitations and all!)

I get it, babe. We like to look ? our best! Yup, absolutely!
But sometimes we may just not have the time to get our hair all nicely done …
(Which happens to be my case a lot ??) And in those cases, what happens to our commitment to showing up for our people?

Because in all honesty… today may be the hair, tomorrow our mind conjures up another brilliant excuse … to keep us right where we are “Safe”
Not sharing our message
Playing small

You have overcome tough shit
You have crawled your way out of that dark hole
You know there is light at the end of the tunnel
And I know nothing lights you up more than helping others on similar paths

So .. hair and all… time to get to it.
You have hearts to light up and spirits to help soar!

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