manifesting what you want

Anxiety and self doubt have got you stuck!

Stuck receiving crumbs in relationships
Stuck getting less than you deserve
In terrifying fear of being alone
Unable to BREAK FREE from needy, clingy, codependent energy
that REPELS what you want.

I know the feeling all too well...

Hi my dear, I'm Karen Katz.
For years, I held myself back believing I was not good enough, broken in some way, unworthy.
Scared to let myself be seen.
Scared to speak up.
Overcome by anxiety, fear and self doubt keeping me from manifesting the abundance I deserved.
A journey of healing and self discovery led me to become the guide I wish I had.
And today i can tell you without a doubt.
There is a powerful force within YOU that when you connect with it, you will feel confident and secure from within.
And everything you want will come TO YOU!
I can show you how the step by step process.

I can help you let go of anxiety naturally, turn your mind into your biggest ally and connect with the powerful force within so you can manifest what you want!

Client Love....

  • Simone
  • Frank
  • Rebe

Client Love....

Simone Allison

Female Empowerment Coach at Empower Her
Author of "Disempowered No More"

Self doubt dissolved!

As a female empowerment coach - I was on a mission to find a coach who could help me in dissolving issues of reticence - self doubt - and self limiting behaviors that could have hindered me in achieving my true potential.

Then I found Karen! Karen - from the outset was a TRUE source of inspiration.

She helped me to systematically take apart, reflect on - and release all of those limiting thoughts and behaviors that were holding me back for far too long. During the process - I also learned a wealth of knowledge from Karen about the process of manifestation. From the energetic vibrations we put out into the universe - and how this has a direct impact on our ability to bring our wants - goals - and dreams into our reality.

Karen is so passionate about her gift. I highly recommend Karen as a speaking coach - spiritual teacher - and master in manifestation!

Frank Kwiatkowski

Author of Rise & Shine.
Intuition coach & mentor at Tarot Awakenings

From fear to power!

Karen has such a genuine desire to see me reach my goals that I feel she goes the extra mile every step of the way. Always patient and supportive, always with an encouraging word and an invaluable insight; I know when I’m working with Karen that I am safe to explore what is really going on inside me and find the possibilities. Then with her guidance I feel free to plan a way forward and I am empowered to go forth with courage and conviction.

The results have been felt throughout my life! My business is really taking off and I am living in a world of possibilities rather than confusion.

I went from being terrified to speak in public to manifesting my first speaking engagement and now teaching Tarot courses in person regularly - manifesting opportunities with an ease I did not know was even possible.

I most certainly CAN! Period

Rebe Zamora

Chief creative and Founder of Gato Negro, Costa Rica
Unique jewelry designs

Anxiety banished- Manifesting power unleashed!

I was feeling lost, anxious and insecure after a deep anxiety crisis. I knew I had to "rebuild" myself little by little but did not know where to start. It felt like on a roller coaster as I tried to find stable ground. I was fighting with myself to do so but could not find a way. It was difficult for me to see possibilities.

As I started working with Karen I began to feel better slowly. The good feeling lasted longer periods and I began to feel more stable- more grounded.

I remember the moment things changed. It was during a guided meditation, I was led to a fork on the road and I needed to make a decision. Something awoke within me and everything started to change. I never looked back. I feel reconnected to my essence, my light and love. Sharing it with others fills my being. I feel a strong connection to my intuition, in flow and authentic. I have manifested magazine features (without applying), winning a 15k grant, being on a money game show and so much more! And to think I did not know it was even possible. Thank you Karen for showing me anything is possible for me!

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