You also always knew there was more to you- but it wasn't safe to reveal it?

Well, it's time. Grab some tea and I'll share why that is, dear....

Fear, shame and humiliation were my BFFs since I can remember. They kept me safe, hidden, invisible.
My mind became my biggest ally - repeating constantly what I heard from them - you'll never be good enough. NEVER. But, keep trying.
I don't know which was worse- accepting I would never be good enough and ending it there or to keep trying to reach an impossible, always falling short and getting heavily punished for it.
I learned to apologize for everything and everyone , even for the air I breathed.
I learned to live for the sole purpose of making them happy, numb my emotions, live in my head -running horrifying what if scenarios 24/7.
I learned to hide my broken parts until there was nothing left to hide
I learned to keep the vow - the secret of it all- put on a facade and pretend I was ok, that it was all ok.
Fear became such a natural way of life that control felt like the only way to appease it.
So I went through the motions controlling my way through college, marriage and kids... until I looked in the mirror that day.
No light in her eyes, no gratitude in her heart. Just a feeling of never EVER being good enough.
Little did I know that in the next few days, a movie would land in my hands that would completely change the way I saw myself.

The Secret was revealed ....

As I watched the movie "The Secret" I felt a powerful force surging within. It was like I had plugged into an electrical outlet. I felt I had control over my future. I felt ... I MATTERED.
And that's when the journey began... I began to devour hundreds of books, looking for mentors, taking classes desperately trying to "fix", to mend, to heal.
Louise, Hay, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker... I wanted to create a life. A new me. I was thrilled.

The moment I truly knew... My first conscious manifestation

I needed to access it deeper...

That's when I discovered coaching and in 1 year becoming a certified Life Coach healed more than in 10 years in therapy, but still something felt like it was missing.
I dove deeper into the Law of Attraction studies and soon found the teachers that made it all clear... Abraham Hicks.
There was nothing missing. Everything I was looking for was already within.
At first, this ideas was hard to accept. But as I started coaching, client after client made it clearer every day.
I couldn’t believe what they were manifesting… 100K lottery winning. A free and clear townhome on the beach. The sale of a lot that wouldn’t sell for a long time. An employee of a company manifesting a change in her job that is completely logical. A severance package 2.5 times greater than expected. I was shocked.

  • Townhome
  • Boss
  • magazine
  • lottery
  • rosacea

I knew there was something powerful we could ALL tap into. I just had no clue how big and powerful it was

I knew I had to share it with everyone....

As I saw their transformation from fearful, in pain, struggling and confused to confident, open to opportunities, saying YES to life, opening to abundance and sharing their bright light with others.
In turn, each day I felt a more powerful calling… to share more, allow more, say YES to life more and embrace more.
I can say now, with certainty, that no matter what we have lived through there is a light within us that DOES NOT GO OFF. It will not die. It just makes it stronger. It makes it more powerful.
You know deep down you are here for a reason. You have an important message to share. You and only can share it You are here to serve humanity in your own unique way. You have been in their shoes and you have seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Having helped so many people unleash their manifestation power, inspired me to create I Can. Period! to help you remember who you are and what the heck you are capable of- no matter what you have gone through.
I've developed a 3 step FIRED UP process that helps you connect to your essence, turn your mind into your biggest ally and unleash the unstoppable force within you so that you can see for yourself what the heck you are capable of.
You know you are here for a powerful reason.
You deserve to know you matter.
You matter enough to go for your dreams.
You matter enough to ask for what you want.
You matter enough to share your talents and gifts.
You matter enough to stand up and own your worth as a divine creation.
You matter. Period!

I know how it feels to imagine you will leave this planet without doing what you came here to do

I am on a mission to make sure you do!