Shades of Grey

Every so often something crosses your path that calls your attention… It stands out. It strikes a chord.
That’s exactly what happened with this video.
I could not stop thinking about it. I started to question so many things …. I could not wait to share it with all my clients, children I volunteer with, partners and today with you.  Watch the first 60 seconds of this video.

Crazy, right?
If this is true, how many things do we believe are true that are really not?
How many things have we trusted are different that are really more alike than we think?
And how does all this affect your life?
According to Dr. Michael Shermer (Author of “The Believing Brain”, founding publisher of Skeptic magazine and perennial monthly columnist “Skeptic” for Scientific American ), “we form our beliefs for a variety of subjective, personal, emotional, and psychological reasons in the context of environments created by family, friends, colleagues, culture, and society at large; after forming our beliefs we then defend, justify, and rationalize them with a host of intellectual reasons, cogent arguments, and rational explanations. Beliefs come first, explanations for beliefs follow.”
As Dr. Shermer further explains, “We can’t help believing. Our brains evolved to connect the dots of our world into meaningful patterns that explain why things happen. These meaningful patterns become beliefs. Once beliefs are formed the brain begins to look for and find confirmatory evidence in support of those beliefs, which adds an emotional boost of further confidence in the beliefs and thereby accelerates the process of reinforcing them, and round and round the process goes in a positive feedback loop of belief confirmation”.
This is how our brain works. It is of great value to us. However, could we be defending beliefs that may not be as real or true as we initially thought?
Even more importantly, could we be defending beliefs that may be limiting us from being who we really desire to be?
Every day we are offered opportunities to think, feel and act in ways that are in line with who we desire to be through a myriad of experiences. When we act in line with who we really are there is a deep feeling of satisfaction.
When we don’t, our powerful emotions make sure we know. Awareness helps make the process one of learning, fun and enjoyment versus one of mistakes we beat ourselves up on.
Have fun and enjoy the process of finding your shades of grey….
Namaste… Love and light your way!

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